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Welcome to our Node Deployment service. This service covers different types of nodes, supporting the normal operation and various functionalities of the network. Please follow the instructions below to configure and deploy nodes.

Available Node Types

Verifier Nodes

Verifier nodes are used to verify the validity of transactions and blocks on the chain. It is a crucial component of the network, ensuring the security and reliability of the Mantle Network blockchain. Detailed Verifier Node Deployment documentation has already been provided.

Sequencer Nodes

Sequencers are responsible for sequentially packing transactions into layer-2 blocks, providing a deterministic order for transactions. Currently, Sequencer nodes are not yet open due to security reasons.

Proposer Nodes

Proposer nodes are used to create new state roots and send them to layer 1. Currently, Proposer nodes are not yet open due to security reasons.

Batcher Nodes

Batcher nodes are used to bundle a batch of transactions into a block to improve processing efficiency. Currently, Batcher nodes are not yet open due to security reasons.

Data Availability (DA) Nodes

DA nodes ensure the availability of transaction data. Currently, DA nodes are not yet open due to security reasons.

Why Run a Rollup Verifier Node?

There are multiple advantages of running a Rollup Verifier node.

  1. It grants many of the benefits of running an Ethereum node, such as the ability to simulate L2 transactions locally without rate-limiting (public RPCs may face such limitations).

  2. Allows anyone to verify the work performed by Sequencers by re-deriving output roots and comparing them against those submitted by the Sequencer. In case of a mismatch, verifiers will be able to perform a fault check and claim rewards by submitting fraud proofs on future versions of Mantle Network Mainnet.