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Deploying a Sepolia Rollup Verifier/Replica Node From Docker

To build an app on Mantle network, you'll need access to a Mantle node. There are multiple public Node RPC Providers that you can choose from, or you can deploy your own depending on the requirements for your specific use cases.

  1. This doc is a simple introduction to the process. For more details, please refer to this:

  2. For those operators who have already deployed the Mantle Sepolia node, you can skip directly to this section.

For Operators Who Deploy Nodes For the First Time


Ensure you have the following software installed:

Hardware Recommendations

For optimal performance, it is recommended to have the following hardware specifications:

  • RAM - 16GB+
  • CPU - 8C+
  • Storage - 500GB+ disk(HDD works for now, SSD is better)
  • Bandwidth - 10mb/s+ download speed

Operation Guide

If you are a new operator who wants to deploy a Mantle Sepolia node, please follow the steps provided here.

For Operators Who Have Already Deployed Nodes

Operation Guide

If you have previously deployed Mantle Sepolia nodes and need to complete this hardfork upgrade, you can follow the instructions here for more detailed information.


If you meet some data issues in the process, please try to restore from snapshot. You can refer to this guide