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A General Analysis of Risk

Mantle Network is dedicated to providing a secure and reliable layer-2 (L2) scaling solution, with strong risk control being a crucial safeguard. In Mantle's risk analysis comprises three key aspects: Data Availability, Fraud Proofs, and Forced Transaction Inclusion.

1. Data Availability

Mantle Network ensures the cornerstone of system security by guaranteeing the availability of data. Through innovative data availability solutions, we ensure the secure availability of data during the process of data transfer between the L2 execution layer and layer 1 (L1). This mechanism not only enhances network stability, but also provides users and developers with a more trustworthy data guarantee.

2. Fraud Proofs

Mantle Network addresses potential fraudulent activities by introducing the concept of Fraud Proofs. Throughout the entire transaction process, the system actively monitors and verifies the consistency of data. Any attempts to tamper with or forge data are detected by the system and handled accordingly. This ensures the security and fairness of the system, providing users with a secure trading environment.

3. Forced Transaction Inclusion

To further enhance system security, Mantle Network has designed the Forced Transaction Inclusion mechanism. In extreme situations where the system encounters insurmountable issues, the Forced Transaction Inclusion allows a quick and secure rollback to L1, ensuring the safety of user assets. This design provides the system with an emergency rescue mechanism, enabling it to confront unpredictable threats at any time.

Through these three key aspects of security assurance, Mantle Network has constructed a robust counter-risk model, offering users and developers a trustworthy L2 scaling solution and driving the healthy development of the entire decentralized ecosystem.