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Node Endpoints and Providers

Mantle provides powerful RPC Endpoints to programmatically interact with the web. Whether you are operating on a Mainnet or testing on a Testnet, Mantle provides accessible URLs for easy integration.

Official Network Endpoints

Currently, Mantle Network supports both https and WSS endpoints.

Connection WaysUrl
Https Url
WebSocket Urlwss://
  • The official Mantle RPC employs rate limiting to ensure stability during traffic spikes
  • The WebSocket supports an access method equivalent to the https interface, along with event subscription and cancellation. See here for reference.

Third-Party Providers

We're working with popular node providers that you can use to connect your dApps or games to the Mantle network. They enable convenient and scalable API access to Mantle nodes, so you can focus on building without having to worry about the underlying infrastructure.

NameHttps UrlWebSocket Url
Blast API
QuickNodeLogin to create your endpoint
ZAN NodeLogin to create your endpoint