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Moving Assets and Data

The process of moving assets or data between two blockchains is generally referred to as 'bridging'. Since Mantle network is a separate Layer 2 (L2) blockchain system, apps and wallets moving assets or any another arbitrary form of data between Ethereum and Mantle can use our official bridge to achieve that.

Sending Assets

The Mantle Bridge enables all functionality necessary for the most common use case, i.e., moving tokens between Mantle network and Ethereum. It also allows you to easily create L2 representations of existing tokens on Ethereum.

Sending Data

If you need to send arbitrary data between Ethereum & Mantle network, you can do so by having a contract on Ethereum trigger a contract function on Mantle and vice versa. The Mantle Bridge has a simple API for triggering a cross-chain function call.

How does it work?

The standard Mantle bridge is essentially a set of smart contracts. The two main contracts that implement the ERC-20 asset bridging mechanism are L2StandardBridge on Mantle network, and L1StandardBridge on Ethereum. Deposit or withdrawal transactions sent to the bridge by a wallet on L2 or L1 trigger specific methods in the standard bridge contracts.

For instance, when a wallet sends a deposit request for 10 $MNT on L1, these tokens get locked on L1 in the bridge contract, and the matching amount of 10 $MNT is minted on L2 and transferred to the wallet.

In case a wallet makes a withdrawal of 10 $MNT on L2, these tokens are burned and the matching amount of 10 $MNT tokens locked on L1 get released and transferred to the wallet.

You can connect your wallet to the Mantle Bridge to make simple deposits and withdrawals directly. However, if you're looking to use the bridge API instead, refer to the API page for more information and tutorials on how to call the appropriate SDK methods to bridge the various kinds of tokens that are currently supported.

Using the Official Mantle Bridge

To move your $MNT tokens/Ether/other ERC-20 tokens between the Mantle and Ethereum chain, visit the Mantle Bridge. Feel free to try out the testnet bridge first to get yourself acquanted with the UI. You can find the detailed steps here. ​