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Is there an option for a test drive?​

  • You can experience the deposit and withdraw flow by using our simulated testnet. It provides a safe environment to try out the bridge functionality without any real token transactions.

What is L1/L2, and what are the required gas fees for deposit and withdrawal?​

  • Mantle Network is a Layer-2 (L2) scalability solution built on Ethereum which is the Layer-1 (L1).

    • Deposit: You need ETH on L1 as gas fees to initiate the deposit. After depositing, you'll need MNT on L2 as gas fees to transact on Mantle Network.

    • Withdraw: You need MNT on L2 as gas fees to initiate the withdrawal and ETH on L1 as gas fees to claim the tokens on Ethereum Mainnet.

How can I view my bridged token balances on Mantle Network in my wallet?​

  • If the auto-detection of your bridged balances doesn't work, you can manually import the tokens to your wallet using the following contract addresses:

    TokenContract Address

For other token contract addresses, you can access the bridge token mapping by visiting the following link.

What is the typical duration for deposits and withdrawals?​

  • Initiating a deposit typically completes in around ~12 minutes.

    Conversely, withdrawals, due to the intricacies of Optimistic Rollups, have a challenge period to detect and address any discrepancies in the Mantle Mainnet transaction. This ensures the highest security, but means withdrawals to Ethereum Mainnet can take up to a week.

Why is the estimated fee on Metamask not the same as the actual transaction fee?​

Metamask ensures that the transaction is successful by displaying the estimated fee higher than the actual cost consumed, and the actual fee cost is much lower. You can check the actual cost on explorer after the transaction is confirmed.

How are withdrawals fees determined?​

  • The cost to claim on the bridge is dependent on the gas costs, measured in Gwei, at the time of your transaction. The estimated formula to determine this cost is:

    Cost(ETH)=600,000×GweiCost (ETH)=600,000×Gwei

    For example:

    • At 15 Gwei, the cost is approximately 0.009 ETH.

    • At 30 Gwei, the cost is approximately 0.018 ETH.

    To minimize your costs, you can opt to claim during a period when the Gwei is low. For current gas prices, you can check the Etherscan Gas Tracker.

Where can I find the bridge token mapping?​

  • You can view the bridge token mapping by visiting this link. It provides comprehensive details on the token list and other related information.